Colon Hydrotherapy

Have you ever considered this simple question:
Are you clean inside?

We shower, brush our teeth and wash our hair on a daily basis, but we tend to ignore cleansing our insides until some form of disease sends us a wake-up call. Believe it or not, our insides, especially the colon which functions as the “sewer system” of our body, also requires regular cleaning. Constipation, parasites, IBS, gas, bloating, stomach pain, chronic fatigue, digestive problems can all be signs of a toxic colon.

Colon HydroTherapy

This is a gentle process of using sterile filtered water to remove waste from the large Intestine. Small amounts of water irrigate the colon resulting in waste softening; and evacuation by natural peristalsis.

60 minutes: $75    Series of 3:  $220      Series of 6: $420 (Save $30!)

New Client Special Only $65 (First Time Only)

Seven-Day Cleanse   $698

The Seven-day cleansing program is an integrated system of self-purification that combines benefits of fasting, fibrous intestinal cleansers, nutritional supplements and daily colon hydrotherapy sessions. It is a complete program of detoxification that helps rejuvenate every organ, gland, tissue and cell in the body. Includes kit.


ZenSpaOC Colon Hydrotherapists


Julie ~ ZenSpaOC Certified Hydrotherapist

I have been in the healing business for the past 11 years. I began as a spa manager and so enjoyed the spa atmosphere that I attended massage school and became a massage therapist. It opened my eyes to the many other healing treatments that the spa environment has to offer, including colon hydrotherapy. After undergoing colon hydrotherapy myself with amazing results, I attended Colon Hydrotherapy school. At first, I did both massage and colon hydrotherapy, but soon began to focus on learning how colon hydrotherapy can help develop a healthy digestive system and possibly prevent such problems. I have a passion for teaching people the wonderful results I have seen and felt over the years of performing colon hydrotherapy. I am a registered member of I-ACT (International Association of Colon Therapy) and Colon I look forward in teaching you about the amazing results you can have through colon hydrotherapy.

Benefits of Colon Cleansing

A generally accepted benefit of colon cleansing is based on the theory that the hardened mucus that is lining the intestinal wall greatly reduces one’s ability to absorb nutrition. Because you are not able to absorb proper nutrition, this feeds the cycle of craving more food and stronger flavors. In fact, what your body really wants is better nutrition. Unless this cycle is broken, no amount of willpower will successfully change one’s dietary habits in the long run.

After removing this intestinal build-up, it has been observed that people feel the body has returned to a more natural state. It has also been observed that people have much greater discernment of how foods actually affect them. This opens the possibility to fully appreciate the “true taste” of foods. At this point, people have found they can easily make dietary changes and really feel (and taste!) the difference!

What physically happens during a colon hydrotherapy session?

Once you and your therapist have discussed the procedure and you feel more at ease with your new health venture, the two of you should establish your goals. Keeping your goals in mind, your therapist will typically advise you of the schedule of colon cleansing — what you will need to plan on in order to accomplish your goals. A series of colon hydrotherapy sessions is generally required to bring the body back to a state of optimal health.

Before starting the actual procedure, you are given a gown and asked to remove appropriate clothing. Then, you need to empty your bladder in the near-by toilet so your session won’t be interrupted.

After you lie down on a comfortable padded table, a lubricated disposable speculum, which has a tapered end, is gently inserted into the rectum. The tapered end is actually a separate piece that is removed after insertion and discarded. This is called an obturator. It is designed so that the insertion is not uncomfortable, nor damaging to any rectal tissue. The speculum is then attached to two tubes. The smaller tube delivers the filtered, temperature-controlled water to the speculum and your colon, while the larger tube carries the fecal waste to the colon therapy machine. The colon therapy machine is attached to the building’s plumbing system so that all waste is discretely moved from your body into the plumbing without offensive odor or embarrassment. During your colon hydrotherapy sessions, your therapist will always make sure your modesty and comfort needs are addressed.

During an average 35–50 minute session, a colon hydrotherapist infuses 5–20 gallons of filtered water into a client. At any one “fill”, you may have between a pint and two quarts of water in your colon. During a fill, only the volume of water that feels comfortable for you is introduced. Once you feel full, you tell the therapist and the water is then released. Your colon empties out into the drainage tube carrying with it fecal and toxic matter that has been dislodged. This filling and emptying continues, along with abdominal massaging, for the entire session.

This repetitive filling with water not only flushes wastes out of the colon, but it also stimulates the colon to contract. This contracting of the colon is called peristalsis. This is the same muscular action that the stool stimulates as it moves through the colon. In this way, colon cleansing with water is gentle and yet extremely effective because as you clean the colon, you are strengthening the colon muscles. This is why colon cleansing is not addictive, like laxatives, but is strengthening to your colon. Laxatives use chemicals to stimulate bowel movements, which is quite unnatural. Using water to cleanse your colon can be an excellent way to bring about optimal bowel function.

Once you and your therapist feel you are done, you sit on the toilet for 5–15 minutes. Having a squatting stool available at the toilet can make a big difference since a squatting stool allows the body to assume a position more conducive to comfortable expelling of colon waste. I recommend that clients really take their time while emptying on the toilet to bring about a full evacuation of the bowels as well as to increase their confidence that they won’t have an accident on their way home.

How will I feel during the session?

Most people are nervous at first. After that, they relax. By the end of a session, generally people feel cleaner and healthier. However, you should not be discouraged if you don’t feel better after a session. A difficult colon therapy session can signal a distressed colon, and it might take another session to see progress.

Does it hurt?

No. As your colon fills with water you may have some cramping. This is good. Your therapist uses this cue to empty your colon and assist you to release. Good communication with the therapist is what makes it a pain-free experience. I stay with the client during the entire treatment. This allows me to “work” the colon therapy machine in order to move out the 2–20 feet of stool during a regular session. Also, I pay attention to a person’s body language, as some people experience more discomfort than others. When someone is experiencing discomfort, I will massage their belly, or slow the flow of water, or let them sit on the toilet. One of the main jobs of the client is to tell me when they feel full. At this point, I will let the water that has been building up in the colon out. With the release of water comes stool.

Will I leak or make a mess all over?

No, most people don’t leak. Part of the colon therapist’s job is to diminish your chance of leaking by controlling the water flow and listening to you. It is rare that a client has an accident.

How long does it take?

A colon hydrotherapy session usually takes between one-half hour to one hour. After colon hydrotherapy will I need to be close to the toilet all day? No, this is not a worry.

How will I feel when I am finished?

Some feel relaxed and a little tired, others feel empty or lighter, and 95% of my clients just feel great!

How often should I have colon therapy?

Like brushing your teeth, you might choose to make colon cleansing a part of your regular hygiene program. Regular colon cleansing can be a very healthy choice. There is no one prescription for all. It seems that most people benefit greatly from cleansing their colon at least one time per month. Let renewed vitality be your guide.


You should NOT have colon hydrotherapy if you have any of these conditions: Severe cardiac disease (heart attack), Congestive heart failure, Aneurysm (blood clots), Severe anemia, GI hemorrhage (Ulcers), PREGNANCY, BREAST FEEDING, severe hemorrhoids, recent abdominal surgery, recent colon or rectum surgery, advanced Crohn's or abdominal surgery.


 Colon Hydrotherapy Client Responses:

“I was seeing a Gastroentologist for three years and all he did was prescribe stronger laxatives for my constipation. I got more relief after one session of Colon Hydrotherapy then I ever did from the Doctor.”

—Male, 25

“I suffer from IBS and constantly felt bloated and full. After completing a series of 3 sessions, I have never felt better, without medications.”

—Female, 37

“I never had any problems using the bathroom but a friend recommended Colon Hydrotherapy for cleansing and detoxing. I could not believe the amount of fecal matter (poop) that my body eliminated on the first session. After 3 sessions I’ve never felt healthier and I didn’t even know I felt bad.”

—Male, 47

“I only used the bathroom two or three times a week, which my doctor said was normal. I was always bloated and uncomfortable so decided to try Colon Hydrotherapy. I now eliminate every day and feel great.”

—Female, 30