Gentlemen love ZenSpaOC's ZenMan facials and waxing.  We've made it easy for guys who are new to the spa experience to come and get that manscape sleek and soft.  

 ZenMan Facials

We know many men are not used to choosing from a menu of spa facial treatments, so we’ve made it easy with our ZenMan Detail treatments! As you get to know ZenSpaOC, you may always ask for any of our enhancements on our Cafe Zen page to help you feel even more handsome then you already are. 


Men’s Tune-Up

45 Min.


First, we check under the hood to diagnose your overall skin condition. Warm steam towel helps relax and open pores. Then we cleanse, exfoliate to flush out clogs. Firming mask lifts, tightens and hydrates.

Men’s Polishing Tune-Up

55 Min.


Polishes your skin! Includes warm steam towel and firming mask. Microdermabrasion acts like a polishing compound to remove dead skin cells, scrub out the “oxidation” done by sun and the elements and relieve ingrown hairs. Leaves your skin smooth, easier to shave, and kissably sleek!

Men’s Overhaul

90 Min.


Top-of-the-line detailing includes 60-minute hot towel facial, microdermabrasion, firming mask, eyebrow waxing, trimming, tweezing, and complimentary scalp massage.

ZenMan Waxing                  

More and more men are discovering the benefits of waxing. It’s not just for swimmers and surfers any more. No harsh sandpaper stubble to rough up your loved one’s skin — your manscape will be smooth and inviting!   

Note: You should refrain from shaving for at least 12 to 14 days prior to waxing. Prices may vary due to individual needs, and are subject to change without notice.

For those stubborn spots, you might want to consider Electrolysis, a procedure in which the hair follicle is deadened so no more hair will grow there. Your esthetician can discuss which hair removal process will be best for you.       


Arm: Full


Eyelash Tinting


Arm: Half


Front: Chest


Arms: Underarm


Front: Full (Chest/Stomach)


Back: Entire


Front: Stomach


Back: Lower


Leg Full:


Bikini: Basic


Leg: Full w/Studkini (Thong style)


Bikini: Studkini (Brazilian)


Leg: Full w/Tarzan


Bikini: Tarzan (Full Monty)


Leg: Full w/Basic Bikini


Bunny Trail


Leg: Lower




Leg: Upper




Love Line/Happy Trail






Eyebrow Tinting




Eyebrow: Wax, Trim & Tweeze